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Music video for "Road trip" from new music album

"The Hot Dog Song"

What happens when the hot dog man comes to town? Weiner start flying, 'cause everybody wants a hot dog! 

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Kristin Key releases new comedy music album



Who is kristin key?

     In her first studio music comedy album, “Kristin Key: Songs in the Key of Kristin”, Key unleashes 15 tracks of witty wordplay, intricate harmonies, and skillful instrumentation taking listeners on a musical journey spanning multiple genres and endlessly hilarious topics. This genre-neutral album opens with the upbeat, rockabilly, “Odd Couple”esque track, “Road Trip”, with “Love in the 80’s”, a nostalgic flashback to the era of popped collars, jean jackets, and little red corvettes, a few tracks behind. From the country twang of the nerdy love ballad, “Love at a Reptile Store” to the 1990’s, Alanis Morissette sounding, foodie anthem, “Sandwich" each track stands alone in it’s unique style yet perfectly blends with the others, connected by the relentless laugh-out-loud comedy. LISTEN HERE

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​​download Kristin key's 4th stand up comedy album, "I'm a hooker"HERE

The friendship test: How long can you and your best friend survive on a road trip before someone casually mentions murder? Check out the music video for the song “Road Trip” from my ALL MUSIC comedy album “Kristin Key: Songs in the Key of Kristin."

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She's a comedian, a musician, a writer, and a baller at crocheting.

Kristin Key stood in line for 7 hours to become one of the youngest contestants on Last Comic Standing! True story.

"Perfect delivery." Gary Marshall- Last Comic Standing celebrity judge

"Hilarious! She's not afraid to improvise"- Colorado Springs Independant

"Kristin Key is funny. And very original!"-

"Perfect delivery!"- a satisfied Pizza Hut customer. 

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Kristin Key's fourth and latest full-lentgth stand-up comedy album, "I'm a Hooker", blends together witty story telling with playful guitar music to create a whimsical glimpse into the life of a minister's daughter/comedian who's struggles with her sexuality and loves to crochet. Download here

"Love in a Reptile Store"

LIVE version of the "Nerd's Love Song" AKA "Love in a Reptile Store" AKA "Track 7" on Kristin's upcoming ALL MUSIC COMEDY album "Kristin Key: Songs in the Key of Kristin". 

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"Love in the 80's"

LIVE PERFORMANCE of Kristin and the Keynotes playing a track off Kristin's upcoming ALL MUSIC COMEDY album "Kristin Key: Songs in the Key of Kristin" 

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"Batman: This Signal's Trouble."

Batman is hungry for justice... but, he's having a little trouble making it to the bat signal this morning.  

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